Virtual Academy Day

Congressman Michael McCaul welcomes you to his 2020 Virtual Academy Day. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Clancy in my Austin office at (512) 473-2357 or Click here for the Texas Academy Forum.


The information in this forum will provide interested students in grades 8-12 the opportunity to learn more about our nation’s service academies, requirement for admissions, and the selection process. Students and their parents are strongly encouraged to view the individual presentations from Congressman McCaul, alumni, the Service Academies, the Department of Defense Medical Exam Review Board (DODMERB), current cadets, and ROTC branches.

Guest Presentation by Colonel Mark Coplen, USMA Class of 1988

Col. Coplen has served as a West Point Liaison Officer since 2002, working closely with Candidates from TX-10. He served 30 years in the U.S. Army, and is a combat veteran from the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Col. Coplen is heavily involved in the local Austin community and has called TX-10 his home since 2002.


“The 5-Pointed Star – The United States Service Academies”


The History of West Point


Why West Point?


United States Academy Admissions Brief


USNA Summer Seminar Program


Cadet Fitness Requirements


United States Air Force Academy – Basic Cadet Training

Results for Air Force Academy videos on Youtube.


It Takes Grit | U.S. Air Force Academy


USMMA Overview


Welcome to the United States Merchant Marine Academy


Coast Guard Academy


Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMEB) Briefing: Larry Mullen, Deputy Chief, DODMERB


Guest Presentation by Kaleb Young, USAF Class of 2024 Prospect

Mr. Young is from Tomball, Texas and attended Tomball Memorial High School. He was nominated by Congressman Michael McCaul for the Class of 2024 and was offered a slot at the USAF Preparatory School.

Admission Resources

United States Military Academy | West Point

United States Naval Academy

United States Air Force Academy

United States Merchant Marines Academy

United States Coast Guard Academy

Note: You do not need a Congressional Nomination to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy.  

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