McCaul Teams Up with Texas Leaders to Restore Faith in U.S. Election

Apr 26, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) introduced the Election Protection Act of 2021. The legislation provides election security assistance, examines current federal election practices for shortfalls and encourages states to improve the election systems through incentives. Through this bill, states who certify secure election practices are provided a one-time grant. The Election Protection Act of 2021 is supported by Members of the Texas House and Senate that overlap with the 10th District of Texas.


“The 2020 election unfortunately instilled much doubt for American people regarding the integrity of our election systems. At a bare minimum, our nation’s citizens should be confident that their elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.” said McCaul “My legislation would provide the security procedures and transparency needed to ensure election results are clear. In addition, my bill commends states like Texas, who conduct their elections thoroughly and efficiently.”


The Election Protection Act of 2021 provides key assistance to state and local governments to secure their elections, includes one-time incentive for states with secure federal election practices, and creates an independent commission to examine the election procedures in both the 2020 election and prior to combat fraud and abuse. This nonpartisan commission is also charged with providing policy recommendations to Congress to bolster the security of our elections. 


McCaul brought Texas State Elected Officials and the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) into the conversation while crafting this legislation to ensure states’ rights remained at the center of this legislation.


"Elections are the bedrock of our system of government and I thank Congressman McCaul for being a leader on this issue in the U.S. House of Representatives," said Texas State Senator Lois W. Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) "Ensuring that our elections are conducted to the highest standards possible is important to instill faith in the governance of our nation."


"A secure, accurate, and transparent election is critical to preserving a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Texas is a leader throughout the United States when it comes to ensuring the integrity of our election process. Unfortunately, as we witnessed this last Presidential election while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, our election process is still subject to fraud and abuse. Identifying and promoting best practices to protect and preserve the sanctity of our election process is important and I applaud Congressman McCaul for filing legislation on this issue," said Texas State Representative Ben Leman.


"I want to thank Congressman McCaul and his team for their work on this important issue,” Texas State Representative John Cyrier. “A fair and secure election system is integral to the success of a free and prosperous nation. Texans value the integrity and security of our election system, and I commend Congressman McCaul's efforts to fortify the process."


"Election integrity is fundamental to the legitimacy of our democracy and I am proud to support Congressman McCaul's efforts to make sure our elections are free from fraud,” Texas State Representative Tom Oliverson, M.D.


“Americans should have full confidence in process – our democracy depends on it,” said State Representative Sam Harless. “Congressman McCaul’s legislation would encourage secure election practices and identify potential shortfalls in the election administration. I am glad to support his efforts to restore faith back in our election process.”

“The foundation of democracy is free and fair elections. While the Texas Legislature is working diligently to secure Texas elections, we are grateful for federal partners like Congressman McCaul who support legislation that will ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat,” said State Representative Jacey Jetton.


“Americans’ trust in our elections was undermined by the arbitrary changes to the 2020 election process, using COVID-19 as a justification,” said Kevin Roberts, CEO, Texas Public Policy Foundation. “Studying and developing best practices to keep voter’s ballots safe and secure is a strong first step. Congressman McCaul is right that further investigation is warranted to restore voter confidence in our elections.”

Click here for the full bill text.