McCaul Statement on President Biden's Oil and Gas Moratorium

Jan 27, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) joined Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and several other House Members to express strong opposition to President Joe Biden’s recent executive order that implements a 60-day moratorium on new mining, oil and gas leasing, and permitting on federal lands. Sadly, the Biden Administration continued on with the moratorium despite calls to not move forward. McCaul gave the following comments:

“This order deeply concerns me especially as a representative from Texas, where nearly 350,000 jobs are supported by fossil fuels. The U.S. job market has been devasted by COVID-19 and this move will put more jobs in jeopardy – placing a heavier burden on hard-working Americans.

“In addition, this leaves the United States vulnerable to adversarial states like Russia and China, who will not hesitate to weaponize energy insecurity on the global stage. We witnessed Vladimir Putin’s attempt to disadvantage the U.S. energy sector this past spring – we cannot afford to let that happen again. The U.S. needs to continue to build on its energy independence in order to support American workers and bolster our national security.”