McCaul questions DHS Sec. Mayorkas on missed warning signs of Del Rio crisis

Sep 22, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Today at the House Homeland Security Committee hearing, Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the warning signs of the unfolding crisis in the Del Rio sector and about the reinstatement of the Migrant Protection Protocols.



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-Questions and Answers as Delivered-

Rep. McCaul: Thank you Mr. Chairman, Secretary Mayorkas, when Jay Johnson was secretary, you were Deputy, and I was Chairman of Homeland. We had the rise of ISIS and the caliphate and I commend your department and the FBI and NCTC for stopping probably 99% of those threats. And I worry with the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and Bagram Air Base being taken over we have no eyes and ears on the ground, we have no ISR capability, and we can’t see or hear anymore the threats and we can’t see Russia or China and Iran as well as we could before the fall of Bogrom. But I want to go back to what Mr. Green was talking about because in my state of Texas, all these Hatians 14,000 of them in addition to the over million that have come in this year has caused a crisis I think your words you said it was unsustainable and told border patrol we were going to lose, and I agree with you about that. I have also attained emails from CPP agents stationed in Del Rio warning and asking for more resources in early June and then the foreign minister of Panama warned on June 3rd about this influx coming up the southwest border. Did you see this threat coming and if so? What, if anything, did you do?


Sec. Mayorkas: Thank you and it is good to see you again. I know we worked closely for a number of years. I did not say we are going to lose, that is unequivocally false number one. Number two we have not seen before such a rapid migration, regular migration on individual as we have observed and experienced with respect to the Hatians who has crossed the border in Del Rio, Texas that has been an unprecedented speed.


Rep. McCaul: But did you have any warning signs, when the CPP chief is warning about this, when the foreign minister in warning on June 3rd and here we are its September, months later. Did you see this coming?


Sec. Mayorkas: Well so we watched the flow of individual who were seeking to migrate through Mexico, we do indeed track it. The speed with which this materialized is unprecedented and that is why we used as many resources as we have, we have deployed as many… 


Rep. McCaul: You said this is the worst in 21 years and I agree with you and the speed has been very fast paced. The Migrant Protection Protocols, the asylum agreements by the previous administration I believe were effective and unfortunately the day this president got into office, rescinded those orders. They know that if they touch base in the United States, they can stay now, and I think. And I respect you sir, I think you have been a federal prosecutor, deputy Secretary of Homeland Security. Now you understand this concept of deterrence but also that these measures were working. My question is, this has now been taken up to the Supreme Court of the United States and they have upheld that the Migrant Protection Protocols need to be reinstated. I believe and you can call it whatever you want sir, but it will greatly help in securing this boarder that is out of control right now. What are you doing to comply with the Supreme Court order?


Sec. Mayorkas: Congressman, as you know both of us served as federal prosecutors, we have an obligation to abide by the orders of the court. The District Court ordered us to implement the MPP program and is indeed what we are doing. We are in ongoing negotiations with Mexico with respect to that implementation and we rely upon Mexico’s agreement to do so and we are moving with deliberate speed. I recognize and respect and will abide by a court order.


Rep. McCaul: I appreciate that, I think it will tremendously any assistance you need with dealing with Mexico. I chaired the U.S. Mexico IPG for you know 15 and I hope they would be willing to take the agreement back or to reinstate it because I do think it will make a difference in this crisis that we have at our border. I yield back.