Congressman Michael McCaul

Representing the 10th District of Texas

McCaul Discusses National Security Dimensions of Global Food Insecurity with Admiral McRaven

Sep 19, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, joined Admiral William McRaven at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin for a conversation on the national security dimensions of global food insecurity.

Congressman McCaul: I’d like to thank the LBJ School for inviting me to speak on this important issue pertaining to our national security with a hero and friend: Admiral McRaven. Poverty is a vicious cycle. It fosters conflict which further perpetuates the same poverty. In fact, if the U.S. does not do more to help, more than two-thirds of the world’s poor could be living in fragile states by 2030. The military and State Department must be constantly aware of this issue and work together with USAID and our private partners to tackle this world wide issue. Look, this is a complicated issue, but if we work to understand and fight all facets of the issue, we will secure better outcomes for global stability and our own national security.

You can click here to view the entire discussion, moderated by Chris Tomlinson of the Houston Chronicle.